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mirEX database

contains information about expression of microRNAs from wild-type and mutant plants,
covering various developmental stages based on quantitative Real Time PCR and sequencing experiments.

Robust data

High quality experimental data

based on RT-qPCR and NGS sRNA-Seq experiments

Plant species

Expression data are collected for three organisms and miRNA biogenesis mutants

Marcus Doe

Arabidopsis thaliana

299 miRNA

9 developmental stages and 6 tissues

Elena Taylor

Hordeum vulgare

140 miRNAs

5 developmental stages and 2 tissues

Cris Nilson

Pellia endiviifolia

22 miRNAs

4 developmental stages and 3 tissues

Latest updates

Main features

The new developments in the database include updates on data content and enhancements to user interface.

Why to choose us

mirEX integrates expression data for microRNA primary transcripts from Arabidopsis thaliana, Hordeum vulgare and Pellia endiviifolia.

There is no limit on number and type of selected plant species, developmental stages and micro RNAs that can be combined in a single query.

Depending on a complexity of a enquiry, the system determines the most user-friendly and informative way of presenting the results.

All results are now displayed as separate thematic windows providing enhanced data mining functionalities.

Each results-containing windows may include tools for data presentation, like sorting, filtering and changing data source allowing to generate customizable outputs. Other features that enhance the readability of the presented information involve interactive charts as well as searchable and sortable table views.

mirEX provides an extensive documentation through graphical elements providing contextual guides as well as mouse-over tooltips and short video tutorials.

It is possible to adjust the amount of information that is present on a page by minimizing any of the windows.

Other functionalities include status message prompter and a 'Comment' feature.

All data contained in the mirEX database can be downloaded from results windows in a context-based way or from dedicated web page.

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Some facts about mirEX

461 miRNA
22 Developmental
4 Biogenesis
miRNA mutants
31 NGS Samples